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Common Situations Where You May Need a Lawyer

Life happens, and that’s why lawyers are there to help. There are many scenarios where you may need the help of an attorney and in this read, we are going to list the most common.

Criminal Charges

Being charged for a crime can result in significant jail time. As such, you will want to find the appropriate legal representation. You need to find a criminal lawyer with adequate experience in the charges that you’re facing.
Such an attorney will ascertain that your rights aren’t violated during the trial. They will also tell you the best and worst scenarios and what needs to be done for the best outcome. The right defense will ensure that you’re proved innocent of any crime charged against you.

Getting Married

As you plan to get married, the right lawyer can help you plan for the future, whether you want an estate plan or a premarital agreement.


While it’s possible to represent yourself during family law proceedings, the last thing you want is to risk going against an experienced lawyer, particularly if there are substantial assets and custodial rights involved. In such a situation, you will want an experienced divorce lawyer by your side. Also, most couples today prefer mediation over conventional litigation. A family law attorney can help you throughout the entire divorce process with your best interests in mind.

Car Accident

Following an accident on the road, you will want an attorney who can advocate your rights in a zealous manner. Car accident lawyers know how to deal with insurance providers and will help you decide whether a jury or settlement is in your best interests.

Filing For Bankruptcy

This is an obvious one, but keep in mind that a bankruptcy attorney can help you throughout the process to make sure that are your debts are accounted for as well as discharged.

Starting a Business

You have the idea, now let a business lawyer help you with the intricate aspects of launching a business. From filling a business license to intellectual protection and articles of incorporation, a business attorney can help you avoid the common pitfalls that startups make.

Making a Huge Purchase

No matter what you’re purchasing, when entering into an agreement to purchase something, a lawyer can help you negotiate the terms of the sale and ideally point out the potential weaknesses in the agreement. Although a lawyer isn’t usually used in this kind of purchase, you are entitled to have someone go through the terms of any contract you’re entering into.